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When it comes to Myanmar, there are many positive news. You not only see it as the most distinctive place in Southeast Asia, but also because of the reform and opening up of Myanmar, it seems to have become a new investment Holy Land in Southeast Asia.

Apollo Special Economic Zone, Thailand Myanmar border :
Maesot Airport - Thailand Mae Sot - Myawaddy Myanmar

Speaking of the city of Mercer, we have to mention the "Mercer miaowati model"

Maesot is a county of Dafu, Thailand. It is located on the Thai Myanmar border across the Mei River and Myanmar Myanmar Myanmar Myanmar. The areas adjacent to Mercer are: Mae Ramat, Mueang Tak , Phop Phra。On the other side of the Mekong River is the town of miaowadi in Myanmar. Meisuo is 86km away from Mueang Tak, which can be reached by highway 105, namely Asian Highway ah1.

In July 2016, Thailand and Myanmar reached a consensus to jointly launch the "Mercosur miaowati model" and expand border trade, investment and other economic cooperation between the two countries. At the same time, the Ministry of Commerce hopes Myanmar can help solve the problem of slow verification of certificate of origin of goods and consider allowing more branches of Commercial Bank of Thailand in Myanmar. The economic and trade cooperation launched under the "Mercosur miaowati model" will double the total value of the border trade between Mercosur and miaowati.

Establish a local level Business Federation and Thailand Myanmar border trade cooperation committee to jointly develop the digital system of border areas, develop retail trade and service centers (covering health, tourism and education fields) in the Mercosur miaowaty Special Economic Zone, establish a mechanism to promote the investment and management of border agricultural products, facilitate the import and export of labor and promote the development of Tourism In particular, the friendly relations between Mercosur and the sister cities of miaowati are used to develop land tourism. The bilateral trade volume between Thailand and Myanmar has now exceeded 12 billion US dollars.

Take a plane from mainland China to Bangkok, Thailand, and then take a minibus from Bangkok or Chiang Mai to the border city of Missouri. You can feel the vast territory of the country along the way

Mae Sot, the border city, is not a Chinese area in northern Thailand, but an important border between Bangkok and Yangon by land; it is not dangerous, not backward, and has a rich and moving diverse appearance. The Thai Burmese border is an unspeakable world, so fascinating; it has modern prosperity and natural flavor. It is rich and beautiful, just like an exotic girl waving at a cocktail party, attracting the eyes of many investors.

About us

Apollo packaged and injected assets based on blockchain financial technology and entertainment game parks, and realized fundraising in domestic and overseas capital markets by means of securities currency issuance, completing Apollo blockchain financial technology and game entertainment projects from product market Leapfrogging of new capital markets
Apollo (Apollo) is a securitized Token for accounts receivable. Apollo (Apollo) has the property of equity and enjoys the benefits of property appreciation


Office leasing business model

The park project is mainly leased. The first realization of the industrial park is the large-scale asset aggregation and centralized operation management. Then, according to the positioning of different target groups and product grades, the proportion of the distribution of light and heavy assets, the concentration preference of acquiring assets and There is a distinction between the level of refinement of operations and the realization of financing and profitability at the enterprise level.
The office leasing business model of the project industrial park is firstly centralized operation, and then concentrates on the design, renovation, decoration and uniform after-sales service of the shops in the park. In the renovation project, the house can be divided according to the requirements of the customer, and the software hardware is installed.

Entertainment game

The core of the entertainment game industry's profitability is the same as that of the bank. Both formulas P=C*R (P is profit, C is scale, R is profit margin), but the bank's R is the deposit and loan spread, the entertainment game industry. R is the net win rate, and The cash flow is better, and there is almost no loan loss like a bank.

Online gaming platform: game lobby

Build an online game platform, create a game type that meets the needs of different players, let players log in to web pages, mobile terminals or carrier self-service terminals with the same account ID, participate in entertainment game games, poker, bingo, sports quiz, random odds or fixed Odds games, etc. Some games emulate slot machines and playing cards in casinos; others others emphasize creativity. In the game platform settings, players can win real cash rewards.
The creation of an online gaming platform will expand revenue sources and lead the project into an era of lucrative Internet entertainment games and mobile entertainment games.

Value-added services

Adopting a diversified and cross-disciplinary business philosophy, the business involves investment, management consulting services, the Internet, providing relevant equipment, introduction and consulting services development, on the one hand to improve the operating level of the entertainment game industry, and promote the entertainment game industry to upgrade, On the other hand, it also enhances the entertainment and leisure functions through the coordinated development of the supporting industries, thereby establishing a unique service brand and creating more wealth in every link in the value chain.

(1)Docking government departments to apply for relevant licenses

For each investment company in the site selection, options, project, investment, construction, etc. to provide a full range of government and government departments, one-stop approval, procedures are simple, to ensure the maximum benefits of all investors.

(2)Tax business consulting

Provide taxation consulting, tax assessment, demonstration, verification, taxation agency, taxation risk management and other services to customers; provide guidance and guidance according to the actual situation of the client, and recommend the implementation of the consultation conclusions to facilitate the implementation or operation of the client. And the client will carry out the consultation and conclusion guidance service.


Apollo (Apollo) team members:

  • CEO:Mr.Tomas Pachi
  • CFO:MR. Sutin Sampassin
  • COO:MR. Narathip jantraporn
  • CMO:MR. Khomsan Phusi
  • CTO:Mr.Kobe Toba

CEO:Mr.Tomas Pachi

Graduated from the European Business School (INSEAD) International Business Management
  • Years of experience of the world-class Free Trade Zone Authority, formulate the strategic objectives of the free trade zone, and coordinate the decomposition of operational strategic objectives;
  • Implement and implement the high-quality operation strategy of the free trade zone, and realize the coordination and decision-making of quality strategy for each department and channel in the implementation process;
    Integrate resources, coordinate and reach the operational and operational management indicators issued by the company; organize research on the development trend of the industry, the operation status of the free trade zone and the market competitiveness, combined with the brand positioning of the free trade zone,
  • Continuously propose strategies and programs to optimize operational service standards;
  • Build and manage an effective executive team and work to improve professionalism and execution.

CFO:MR. Sutin Sampassin

Graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • He has served as a CFO of a large listed company with extensive experience in financial accounting, financial management, fund management, tax planning, auditing, and investment integration (post-investment management experience);
  • Good at team building, leading the financial team to grow in the enterprise development stage, familiar with the cooperation between various departments of the group, have a deep understanding of high-tech industry, Internet, IT technology, SaaS industry, rich in mergers and acquisitions, acquisitions, or molecular companies Management experience

COO:MR. Narathip jantraporn

Graduated from the University of Zurich, Hospitality Management
  • He has served as a head of large-scale property companies and entertainment game companies. He has been responsible for the overall management of property companies, formulating annual order maintenance and environmental management work plans and budgets, and implementing the contents of various work plans.
  • He has been fully responsible for the company's fire safety and security safety work, business exchange seminars and case studies, and supervised and evaluated the service work and quality of the outsourcing units;
  • With a strong customer service concept, it can properly handle various emergencies and has a sense of crisis management;
  • Familiar with local property related laws, regulations and policies;

CTO:Mr.Kobe Toba

Graduated from Computer Science, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • More than 15 years of development and management experience, including more than 8 years experience as a technical director or CTO in large and medium-sized online entertainment game platforms and offline chain stores;
  • Proficient in mobile Internet enterprise technology system architecture design, software implementation, performance optimization and system security;
  • Have rich project management experience, product development experience, and excellent coordination resources to achieve results;
  • With platform thinking, forward-looking understanding and implementation experience in online and offline cashier systems, payment systems, artificial intelligence, and algorithms in the field of big data;
  • Excellent team management experience and good communication skills. He has managed more than 100 technical team management experience;
  • Strong internal drive and responsibility, excellent professionalism and communication and coordination.


  • Apollo (Apollo) has been deployed on Ethereum
  • Name: Apollo (Apollo)
  • Genesis: Apollo technology & gaming ERC20 Ethereum smart contract created and deployed on the main network, total supply: 2 billion Apollo (Apollo), code: Apollo (Apollo)
  • Decimal: 8
  • Token type: ERC20 Ethereum platform token
  • Program code: Solidity (Solidity is a high-level contract-oriented language for implementing smart contracts.

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